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First off, thank you all so much for your constant love and support. We’d like to think that our band happened by accident, that it grew out of a community of artists whispering songs to each other in the the middle of the night in a beautiful antique store basement with leaky pipes. Though we will no longer be making music as Fox & Woman, we will continue to write, and grow, and sing, and desperately attempt to give back to an inspired west coast music scene that has  given us more than we could ever have dreamed.

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Our drummer Will Boast has been living in New York putting the finishing touches on his first novel entitled Epilogue which will be published by Norton in the Fall of next year. Emily Haltom has taken a lead role for the Burning Man Special Events Performance Team in San Francisco. Andrew has been playing in Jesse Cafiero’s project Split Screens who have a full length record due out next year. Split Screens will also be on tour in CA in January. Andrew and I have started a new project in Seattle w/ our two favorite artists Ian Williams & Katie Mosehauer. More to come on that front in the future. In the meantime, I am singing with Debbie Neigher tonight @ Bottom of the Hill for her record release and I couldn’t be more excited. Obrigada.

Fox & Woman
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Fox & Woman formed in 2010 when Jess Silva (vocals), Andrew Nelson (guitar, keys), and Emily Haltom (vocals, violin, keys) started playing at a weekly street poetry gathering in San Francisco’s Mission District. As an acoustic trio, they rehearsed and wrote songs in the basement of a local antiques store, discovering a shared desire to stretch pop song forms to accommodate unconventional rhythms and harmonies. For their debut, self-titled EP, released in 2011, they added three other Bay Area musicians, including Will Boast (drums), and documented a sound bridging west coast folk and a baroque strain of indie-pop.

 The dense, intricate songs that the band’s core line up began to hone over the following year reflect numerous influences, including the work of Simone de Beauvoir, whose novel The Mandarins became a key inspiration for Silva’s lyrics. Silva, who grew up in a Portuguese household, began singing in both English and Portuguese, feeling that the latter better accessed certain emotions. Haltom, a classically-trained violinist who also studied electronic music in college, pursued a more orchestral approach in her violin and keyboard parts. Nelson handled most of the part writing and arranging, and he and Boast worked to make complex song structures and rhythm parts feel natural and seamless. In early 2012, Fox & Woman played their first of two west coast tours.

 That June, Silva, Nelson, Haltom, and Boast returned to Tiny Telephone to record their first full-length, This Side Dawn—a deeply considered suite of songs tied together by resonant lyrical and musical themes, not so much a concept album as a series of echoes and near echoes. Recording the expanded instrumentation on This Side Dawn allowed Fox & Woman to recruit many of their favorite Bay Area musicians—Jesse Cafiero (Thao Nguyen, John Vanderslice), Danah Olivetree (Nick Jaina, Shenandoah Davis), and Kelly McFarling—as well as Paul Fleming on trombone and French horn. Ian Williams and Katie Mosehauer of Seattle Rock Orchestra and The Thoughts are also proudly featured. Fox & Woman spent 28 days between June 2012 and February 2013 tracking and mixing at Tiny w/engineer and friend Jacob Winik (Samantha Crain, Magik*Magik Orchestra). The full album was mastered by Bob Weston in Chicago in early March 2013.

 Fox & Woman will release This Side Dawn on May 31st, 2013 to digital and CD.  The band will tour the west coast in support in June.




    Press and Media

    Melissa Nastasi – melissa@citybirdpublishing.com



“Fox & Woman beautifully minimizes negative space with the intelligence and purpose of seasoned songwriters. The group has just released their newest single, “Ouro Fino,” an intriguing and stunning new piece that is sung completely in Portuguese. The gorgeous track is laced with strings and glorious harmonies that fill the room with perfection…”

Eugene Weekly

“And other times, Fox & Woman downright rock out — “W. Village” is urban and moody, segueing into an aggressive and overdriven bridge. There’s a lot on This Side Dawn that has more to do with the postmodern angst of Radiohead, or the Nordic aloofness of Stereolab, than with flower power and tie-dye…”

East Bay Express

“Fox & Woman identifies most closely with orchestral folk, but its neo-soul elements are most interesting. Jess Silva’s percussive, textured vocals scat and harmonize over unconventional rhythms and baroque violin, cello, and harp…”

Impose Magazine

“San Francisco quartet Fox & Woman are as pictured from left to right, Andrew Paul Nelson, Jess Silva, Will Boast, and Emily Haltom, who play you an organic assemblage of cascading stringed arrays that ponder love and the leviathan with their singles “Belly of a Whale” (side a) and (side b) that features The Thoughts…”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Fox & Woman are on a hot pursuit to compose pop music with a twist. On their upcoming record “This Side Dawn” they wanted to “break classic song structures apart,” guitarist Andrew Nelson says, “and fill every tune with as much dense harmonic data as possible…”


“By writing songs in a different language our hope is that it will allow the (non-Portuguese-speaking) listener to escape reference, thus making Jess’ voice and lyrics the same as any other instrument; just notes and sound…”

The Mad Mackerel

“As an acoustic trio, they rehearsed and wrote songs in the basement of a local antiques store, discovering a shared desire to stretch pop song forms to accommodate unconventional rhythms and harmonies…”

The Bay Bridged

“San Francisco’s Fox & Woman have released their new song, “Belly of a Whale.” The song is split into two movements: side A and side B, just like that mixtape you made for your crush in middle school…”

The Deli SF

“Fox and Woman’s vintage and innovative release, along with their music composition style makes this band refreshingly unique to listen to….”

Popdose: Parlour to Parlour

“No matter who you compare them to, Fox & Woman still sound only like Fox & Woman…”

PNW Tour Press

“Fox and Woman, who will play The Horned Hand on Oct. 18, derive as much inspiration from the words…”

PNW Spring Tour Press

“Fox and Woman, filled the room with a smooth and sultry sound of impeccably blended harmonies…”

Bay Guardian Pick of the Week

“A group of poets in the Mission District of San Francisco formed the band Fox & Woman over a year ago…”

The Bay Bridged

“Amid the wave of excellent Bay Area psych-rock and electro-pop that’s been released the past few years…”

SF Weekly

“Fox and Woman’s exceptional musicianship and tight harmonies blow the roof off whether they’re sing…”





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